All aboard..!


...escape pods are a handy plot device. Also they totally exist in real life fuck you I saw it in Star Wars.

But yeah, looks like Space Cat is going on a little trip. I'm kinda bummed because a few strips from now would've been the perfect spot for the hiatus to kick in, but eh, the spot we ended up at before was decent enough. Still, so close.

Also in non-Space Cat related news, I've made a few LONG overdue fixes to the site:
-the schedule page is cleaned up a bit, might put Space Cat back up there since it now regularly updates Thursdays, but for the moment Hard-Mode has no set schedule--it updates whenever I finish an Episode.
-that annoying "what is the year after this one?" question from 2012 is finally removed from the comment captcha, so you won't have to tolerate that shit anymore. Hopefully you guys can figure out the ultra mega challenging replacement question.
-...I think I did something else but I forget. Maybe I didn't. idk

That's basically all that's new right now. Still working on Hard-Mode Episode 10, didn't have much of a chance to work on it last week as I was went on a little backpacking trip in the Sierras over the weekend and spent my free time in the days leading up to it preparing my stuff. (Trip highlights included swimming in a lake full of leeches and seeing two giant wolf spiders.)

Hopefully this week is a bit more productive. Might end up posting some preview stuff or something if it seems like it's going to take a lot longer.

Anyway, see you next week folks (or sooner??)
Finally! I found a page that hasn't been commented on! Oh, wait...
Here's a riddle:
Mary's the daughter of Jerry.
Therefore Jerry is the ____ of Mary's father.
How quick can you find the
the mistake in this sentence?
He should've sent hin into the void space...

1) name

2) Very quickly - you put "the" twice ;-)
The Best Name
Can't wait for hard mode to be back
The text inside the escape pod is English, outside it's Russian. Logic?

I couldn't crack the first one, I thought the answer was "husband" and Mary's parents were gay or Jerry was a woman. Though "name" makes more sense. >///
For those wondering, the new CAPTCHA is "Who is the protagonist of Pokemon: Hard-Mode?"
Would someone care to explain how ThisOneOne managed to post a comment here in 2014? Probably just a hack and maybe, for someone, a simple one at that, but just checking.
Go to the url and play with the number. Have fun.
YES!!! Please do Hardmode
Space Cat is brilliant, just read the whole thing up to the latest one.
And man, I can't wait for more Hard Mode, it's been far too long, haha. Thought you gave up the internet and became a hermit or something.

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