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Time for your weekly dose of Astro Feline--slightly bigger page than usual edition!

Our heroes continue to to recoup from Sirius's schemes, lets hope they don't make any unwise decisions or oversights along the way...don't worry, I hear this Venus Alpha fellow is as loyal a soldier as they come, he'll watch their backs.

In other news I'm making some pretty good progress on Hard-Mode, so hopefully we'll be seeing that soon, though it's still too early to make any predicitons/promises. Episode 10 will come out...someday! 

Anyway, in the interest of keeping that promise, I'm gonna get back to working on it, instead of trying to think of more things to fill this blog post.

Rubin Kim
First yes! omg My first legit first comment
Thank you so much for all the effort you put into your work! My friends and quote Hard-Mode on a daily basis!
Lol, he named his ghost friend Isis before Isis was a terrorist organization. That's when you realize how outdated this comic really is.
Whoop! Thanks!
I'm actually really liking the fact that everyone is oblivious to obvious threats in dangerous situations. Characters in webcomics usually seem to be very genre-savy and its nice seeing them blindfully walk into problems they could have easily avoided if they had been smarter.
"mark moon"? I think you maybe missed 'the' in there.
That's the accent showing, you know, in case you weren't tipped off by the styling bottom and above normal sized breasts for a male, who Venus Alpha definitely is.
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