A Sirius Man (with a Sirius plan)


Further insight into the evil genius mind of Sirius, truly, this is a plan that makes sense and would work 100% in the real world. 

Unfortunately I've gotta cut this blog post short, got held really late at work today and I've got other engagements to get to (and on top of that my laptop is slugging along at record slowness.) 

Also, sadly Space Cat will be taking a short hiatus, but it will be back soon. I'll let Tate explain (and I'll try to get some actual content out on my end in the meantime to fill the space):

Hey everyone!

So a little bit of bad news. I recently got hired to help create an animated music video (think Gorrilaz style) for a certain big-name band I can't disclose. For the next couple of weeks, I really need to focus on this gig. Due to the tight deadlines, Space Cat will need to go on a small break.

I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me. I know your homes won't feel as full without Space Cat, Namdraft, and the lovable Curiosity visiting every week, but they will be back as soon as I get done with this job.

We'll be back soon!



Totally Legit


Time for your weekly dose of Astro Feline--slightly bigger page than usual edition!

Our heroes continue to to recoup from Sirius's schemes, lets hope they don't make any unwise decisions or oversights along the way...don't worry, I hear this Venus Alpha fellow is as loyal a soldier as they come, he'll watch their backs.

In other news I'm making some pretty good progress on Hard-Mode, so hopefully we'll be seeing that soon, though it's still too early to make any predicitons/promises. Episode 10 will come out...someday! 

Anyway, in the interest of keeping that promise, I'm gonna get back to working on it, instead of trying to think of more things to fill this blog post.


Enter: Venus Alpha



All the plot threads are coming to a head! All these familiar faces returning, there's nobody who can't show up again!

...well, except all those people who are dead. They're still dead--people stay dead in Space Cat.

Speaking of dead, I'm not! I survived Comikaze! Still have yet to ever be recognized among the crowds, but that's fine with me (and not unexpected.) Had a pretty good time, saw some cool cosplays. Would recommend. 

Was kinda bummed the only thing they had going on in the gaming room was a Yugioh tourney though (everyone knows it's all about dat mtg.)

Anyway, there's a small chance we MIGHT have a one week hiatus from Space Cat following this strip, but nothing's confirmed yet. 

...and I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but more info on Hard-Mode will come soon. Sorry, sorry...be patient pls.

See you next week (or not?)

High Stakes


Remember that team that General Namdraft was assembling way back on page 36? No? So what if that was over 30 pages ago, that's no excuse! (also I put it in the recap so yeah)

I know I keep saying this, but we're now in the final act of Space Cat. Actually I'd say it officially began last page, but I don't remember if I mentioned it. We're only 40ish pages away from the end now.

In other news, I'm going to be at Comikaze in LA on Saturday, so as usual, say hi if you see me (though so far this has never happened to me at a con, but hey, you could be the first!) This time I even promise not to get lost there for a year! (haha, haha...don't beat me up at the con pls...)

Anyway, still working on Hard-Mode, I guess I might have to post some progress evidence soon so it doesn't look like I'm making it up, I swear I really am working on it! I'm just busy/slow!

Anyway, until next week,



Back aboard the Russian craft...

Some of the characters on this page haven't been seen in over a year!...which is technically only like, 10 pages ago.

Uploaded this one a bit early because I was afraid I would forget again. Might just start regularly updating around this time, it's kinda easier. We'll see.

Thanks for all the patience for those of you still waiting for Hard-Mode, I've kinda hit a bit of a snag in my progress on that front but I'm still trying to get it done, will update you all when I have an ETA.

thanks y'all,