Forgot to upload this last night, my b. Technically it's still Thursday though, so I'm going to pretend I'm not late.

Don't really have much time for a blog post because I have to get to work like...5 minutes ago (STUPID SLOW UPLOAD.)

In sort of Space Cat related news, how 'bout that Martian water?

...yeah, that's good enough.

All aboard..!


...escape pods are a handy plot device. Also they totally exist in real life fuck you I saw it in Star Wars.

But yeah, looks like Space Cat is going on a little trip. I'm kinda bummed because a few strips from now would've been the perfect spot for the hiatus to kick in, but eh, the spot we ended up at before was decent enough. Still, so close.

Also in non-Space Cat related news, I've made a few LONG overdue fixes to the site:
-the schedule page is cleaned up a bit, might put Space Cat back up there since it now regularly updates Thursdays, but for the moment Hard-Mode has no set schedule--it updates whenever I finish an Episode.
-that annoying "what is the year after this one?" question from 2012 is finally removed from the comment captcha, so you won't have to tolerate that shit anymore. Hopefully you guys can figure out the ultra mega challenging replacement question.
-...I think I did something else but I forget. Maybe I didn't. idk

That's basically all that's new right now. Still working on Hard-Mode Episode 10, didn't have much of a chance to work on it last week as I was went on a little backpacking trip in the Sierras over the weekend and spent my free time in the days leading up to it preparing my stuff. (Trip highlights included swimming in a lake full of leeches and seeing two giant wolf spiders.)

Hopefully this week is a bit more productive. Might end up posting some preview stuff or something if it seems like it's going to take a lot longer.

Anyway, see you next week folks (or sooner??)

Space Cat: 100% Scientifically Accurate


So a selling point for Space Cat that we haven't really emaphasized thus far is the extensive research that goes into making sure the story remains grounded in reality.

That's right, Tate and I consult actual scientists when plotting out Space Cat to make sure it's all actually possible. After all, how can you expect to to remain immersed in a story that disregards real physics and logic? I like to think the extra effort is worth it, and I can safely say that so far Space Cat is certified 100% scientifically accurate. 

Don't be afraid to cite us as a source when you turn in your next physics paper. Or hell, on your job application to NASA. We can hook you up.

Anyway, in this strip we finally reveal the true meaning behind the sinister "Project Siberian Earth"....or do we? I mean, Sirius has lied about everything so far, right? LIES UPON LIES.

Luckily, you know yer boy Nuzlocke will never lie to you, so here's Tate:



Secrets Revealed


Oh god he's going to start monologuing isn't he? Friggin' villains man, always with this shit. It's like, BRUH, we get it, just kill me so I don't have to listen to this shit.

But hey when your protagonist doesn't speak it's kind of like you're just asking to get monologued at, so what're ya gonna do?

We're finally getting into the meat and potatoes of the Space Cat plot, I won't say too much as to not spoil anything, but soon the stakes will be revealed.

Anyway, that's about it on my end, I'm busy trucking through the next Hard-Mode episode (I'd say it's maybe 25% finished, MAYBE) so it's coming, just not right away. I'll probably continue to post tidbits and previews on twitter.

So without further ado, here's Tate:

Hey folks! things are going well on my end. I really experimented with this strip and the following handful. I think it was due to the THICKENING PLOT and all that stuff, it really made me want to get some dark shadows in there. It doesn't last forever, but it was a fun to play around with. 

As for my personal life, the design business is getting some traction, both from the retained old clients (like our pal Nuzlocke) and from new prospects (some local comedians who need posters done). Friendly reminder to tell your friends all about Distracting By Design! I've set up a Twitter account you may enjoy, if you like artsy junk- @DistByDes

Leave any comments if you liked the heavy shading that went on in this strip, if people like it I can bring it back for future pages of Space Cat.

I hope you all enjoy your week!




Reupload: Hard-Mode Episode 9.1


So yeah, this is kind of a goof on my part. Some of you may remember that while Episode 9 was being (slowly) updated piece-by-piece, there was a brief intermission where a couple of sketchy comics about silly stuff I couldn't fit into the episode.

...but when we got to the end of Episode 9 and I put all the updates together, I forgot all about it and never reuploaded it. 

So yeah, for some of you who were reading regularly back then, this'll be familiar. But maybe if you've only recently caught up, this is brand new to you.

So while you wait for Episode 10, enjoy (or re-enjoy) Episode 9.1 "The Shit We Didn't Have Time For"