Secrets Revealed


Oh god he's going to start monologuing isn't he? Friggin' villains man, always with this shit. It's like, BRUH, we get it, just kill me so I don't have to listen to this shit.

But hey when your protagonist doesn't speak it's kind of like you're just asking to get monologued at, so what're ya gonna do?

We're finally getting into the meat and potatoes of the Space Cat plot, I won't say too much as to not spoil anything, but soon the stakes will be revealed.

Anyway, that's about it on my end, I'm busy trucking through the next Hard-Mode episode (I'd say it's maybe 25% finished, MAYBE) so it's coming, just not right away. I'll probably continue to post tidbits and previews on twitter.

So without further ado, here's Tate:

Hey folks! things are going well on my end. I really experimented with this strip and the following handful. I think it was due to the THICKENING PLOT and all that stuff, it really made me want to get some dark shadows in there. It doesn't last forever, but it was a fun to play around with. 

As for my personal life, the design business is getting some traction, both from the retained old clients (like our pal Nuzlocke) and from new prospects (some local comedians who need posters done). Friendly reminder to tell your friends all about Distracting By Design! I've set up a Twitter account you may enjoy, if you like artsy junk- @DistByDes

Leave any comments if you liked the heavy shading that went on in this strip, if people like it I can bring it back for future pages of Space Cat.

I hope you all enjoy your week!




Reupload: Hard-Mode Episode 9.1


So yeah, this is kind of a goof on my part. Some of you may remember that while Episode 9 was being (slowly) updated piece-by-piece, there was a brief intermission where a couple of sketchy comics about silly stuff I couldn't fit into the episode.

...but when we got to the end of Episode 9 and I put all the updates together, I forgot all about it and never reuploaded it. 

So yeah, for some of you who were reading regularly back then, this'll be familiar. But maybe if you've only recently caught up, this is brand new to you.

So while you wait for Episode 10, enjoy (or re-enjoy) Episode 9.1 "The Shit We Didn't Have Time For"


Action Cat III: The Curious CATastrophe


Finally we've reached the end to this little action sequence, now we can get back to plots and stuff.

Unfortunately I don't have much to say on the Space Cat side of things that I haven't already said in the last two posts (there'll be more to discuss next week)... yeah, lets talk about Hard-Mode. If you read my latest blog post, you know that Muh Phoenix has finally been concluded, and I'm officially back to woring on Hard-Mode. As of this morning the script for the next episode is officially complete, which feels pretty good. I was kind of worried after our little break that I wouldn't be able to get back into the flow easily, but it felt really natural.

Based on my outline I think this episode will be kind of on the shorter side, but I'm planning on releasing it all at once as opposed to updating regularly with small chunks of the Episode weekly, so you'll have to wait a bit longer. Still, I think it'll be a more satisfying return this way, and in the meantime you've got Space Cat and whatever other bread crumbs I can scatter while I work (considering posting some script pictures and some looks into my episode crafting process.)

Also we've got some exciting news from Tate! (And yes I now realize how ironic it was that I threw a fit last update about Tate's lack of blog posts considering my own extended radio silence.)


Hey everyone! Man it's good to be back in the saddle again.  As you may be able to tell, I've been playing with the style of Space Cat in the last few  updates. You'll see a bit more of that until I settle on a style that I feel fits the comic best. I really got into heavy blacks and shading around the time I was working out these pages, it's a lot of fun. Let me know what you think!

As for my personal life, I just got a DBA to run my own local graphics design business here in Texas, Distracting By Design! It's pretty exciting and I'm Clegane-Bowl level hype for the future. Feel free to check out the site and recommend it to anyone who needs a logo or some other form of design. It's

That's about it for me, I hope you guys are all enjoying the direction Space Cat is going in, you're in for a hell of a ride in the upcoming pages.


Muh Phoenix: Finale


Finally, after (3ish?) years, the saga comes to an end.

That's right, this final issue of Muh Phoenix, my edit/parody of Marvel's Avengers vs X-Men crossover event from a few years back.

This is by far the most offensive and ridiculous project I have ever embarked on...and I'm going to miss it a lot, I think. I'm not saying I'll never do another edit like this again, but right now I don't have any plans to.

Thanks for your patience, everyone who waited for me to complete this, I hope it was worth the wait.

.CBZ File:

Fittingly, like the fiery bird from which the series draws its name, the death of this series brings about the rebirth of another.

Now that Muh Phoenix is over, I can get get back to work on Hard-Mode.

It begins.




...yeah, I kinda feel like action sequences can be kinda boring update-to-update in webcomics like this. I know I've followed enough webcomics through the years and it can be rough getting a page at a time of something that should be going down in a few seconds. They're really the kind of thing that reads better all together.

Can't be helped, but I will say that there's only one page left of this fight.

As for non-Space Cat stuff, I'm still finishing up Muh Phoenix! I know I'm like 2 weeks late at this point but I'm trying! It's a combination of the usual "I'm busier than I thought!" excuse and just me wanting to kinda get this right since it's the last one. I wanna say one more week, but I don't wanna a jinx I won't. 

And of course after that, we're back to Hard-Mode, so stay tuned.


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