Pokemon: Hard-Mode is a dramatized account of my own experiences with the Nuzlocke Challenge.

It follows Ruby, an avatar for the average gamer: righteous when beating the bad guys, frustrated when dealing with awkward NPCs, and not above looting the hell out of each and every house in search of precious items.

And did I mention the LOST references? I should probably mention the LOST references.

With Ruby: Hard-Mode beginning during the final season of LOST, and with my own unhealthy obsession with the show, there is an embarrassing amount of these scattered throughout Pokemon: Hard-Mode. Hell, the Nuzlocke Challenge itself is named after the show’s own John Locke.

Don’t be intimidated by them if you haven’t watched the show, I’d like to think the comic is still readable without much/any knowledge of it.

It is a story of humor, victory and loss like most Nuzlocke Challenge comics, but like all of them it has it’s own unique style (or so I’d like to think.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the original Nuzlocke comic: Pokemon: Hard-Mode.