In the past this page has been used to as an archive for the many Nuzlocke Challenge comics created by fans. However as anyone who frequents this site knows, I have not been able to keep it properly updated in over a year due to the sheer number of fan comics created.

After many failed attempts at fixing the page, I have decided to go with a new, more manageable system. From now on if you want to get your fix of fan comics you can find them here on the forums. You’ll never have to worry about me being late on updating again, and you can discuss the comics with other fans and even the creators.

However I still believe that fan comics are the most important part of the Nuzlocke Challenge and deserve a presence on the site. From now on I aim to do a weekly “Fan Comic Feature” that briefly discusses fan challenges that I enjoy or find interesting. This page will serve as an archive for these features.

Hopefully through these features I can help comic-hungry fans find the new content they so desperately crave, and maybe remind a few of them of old runs they’d forgotten.

I hope you enjoy the features,

10/01/12 - Hale: Emerald Hard Mode 10/07/12 - Freddy's Nuzlocke Adventure  
05/22/13 - Tales of Sinnoh & Myths of Unova