I return from my pilgrimage.

Many of you have requested that I post something on the site from time to time so that you know I'm not dead (which is reasonable, I guess,) so I thought it might be fun to update you on a semi-site-related stop during my recent trip to Japan. (Yes, I was in Japan for 10 days! First time in Asia, it was pretty cool beans.)

So yeah, I stopped by the Tokyo Pokemon Center....at least I think it's THE Tokyo Pokemon Center, maybe there's more than one?

I'm not really much of a merchandise guy but it was pretty cool. I did end up picking up an overpriced Magikarp wallet that'll make a good white elephant gift or something someday. (Sadly I didn't take any pics of it and I cant fucking find it right now, worthless fucking fish.)

Also they have way more characters in Pokken than we do.

It's kind of a pain in the ass to upload photos here because of the way the blog is coded, so I've uploaded the rest to an imgur album:


Obviously I went to a lot of other places in Japan, but most of it isn't really relevant to the site so much. This isn't really a personal blog, afterall.

Anyway, I'm gonna try to make little blog posts like this every once in a while to tide folks over until the next comic. (I've been meaning to do a "making of Hard-Mode" post for the last fe wyears but I keep putting it off.) I'm still getting back in the swing of things (and over jetlag) but I'm hoping to get cracking on the next comic soon...until then thanks for checking in as always!

past ghosts
when will nuzlocke return from war
I dig this update thing. It's pretty cool, even if there's no hard mode update portion.
Thank you for updating.
I'm always happy to hear from you and know that you are well!
P.S. Loved the photo gallery!!!
Omg thank you for updating!!! Seeing as you actually read these comments from time to time, can you please fix the protag of pkmn hardmode CAPTCHA?? Either that or just leave as is cause it's pretty much a running joke now. idk if you read the comments on the 2015 christmas episode but we literally tried everything to try and get it to work
Yo, good to hear from you Nuz! I've always wanted to go to one of the Pokémon Centers, but living up in the furthest corner of the US makes that kind of tricky. Thanks for sharing! I'm surprised they only had the Gen I eeveelutions, too - There's this shitty kiosk at the Maine Mall that sells some Pokémon merch which I don't think is even official, and even it has the other eeveelutions (At least Leafeon and Glaceon I remember they have for sure). Still, I guess they sort of had Espeon with that Ditto plush, lol. I've seen them before, but I still think it's a clever idea.

Anyway, yeah, it's good to hear from you! Nice to know you're still alive during these yearly comic breaks ;p

As an aside to the people in the comments - So I've started up an in-character written log run of Sun... Sort of. If any of you follow my blog, you probably saw how I was ranting about my sd card crapping out and making me lose the save. Well, I'm such a petty bitch I'm actually using this as part of the story and switching to my copy of Moon so I can back up my save and edit the Pokémon I catch back to a mostly similar form to the ones I originally caught. Is that weird? Eh, whatever. I'm a petty asshole, I don't really care lol.

Anyway, I'm off now. They're running Katamari at AGDQ right now, and I'm not missing this. See ya :0
Bruh don't listen to @JayFenn keep the captcha broken.

Also, did they have any free pokemon for the DS or something?
Hope ya had fun on your vacation! Maybe it'll serve as some inspiration to keep drawing? as long as you're alive it's all good tho. Glad to see you back active!
Nuz! It's so wonderful hearing from you. I've been a fan for years, and for some reason I obsessively check in on this site once a day during my daily webcomic rotation. I don't need new comics all the time; it's enough to just see you alive and well and living life. Take care, bro. We love you.
Cool pilgrimage to Japan, bro.
By the way, the ocean isn't actually blue. I'm pretty sure the water in there is clear, it just looks blue
because it's deep. Or maybe there's chlorine in there and
I'm wrong. hmm...
So I just spent $380 and it was worth every penny
I can't wait to harass you all in the comments with shit that isn't even about pokemon this march
Thanks for the update! Those pictures were really neat, too; now I want to go haha. Good hearing from you!
We also love half and tenth update episodes, if you have spare time.
Really any sketches as well
Really any sketches as well
Thanks for the post, Nuz.

Please, keep doing these mini-entries on the blog (even with personal stuff if you feel like doing it). It's really good to come here and find something new to read.

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